Guide to Disney Cruise Line's Concierge Service

Disney cruise onboard spa treatment
Disney cruise onboard spa treatment

Disney Cruise Line concierge service is a fantasy in the making for many travelers who love the luxury and excitement of cruising, but loathe the planning and frustrations necessary to make a cruise dream a reality. It may seem like an option only for passengers who can afford the most expensive accommodations, but in reality, its numerous benefits also make it a worthwhile option for travelers who would usually settle for one level lower than concierge level accommodations.

Disney Cruise Line's Approach to Concierge Service

Over 79 percent of reviewers at Cruise give the Disney Cruise Line a full five star rating. In another review, a self-confessed "skin flint" stated that, "Overall, the service was a bargain. The largest expense that was eliminated completely for our trip was the drink bill. Twice a night, the concierge lounge features a happy hour. Any drinks that are on display are available for no additional charge during these two times."

Pre-Cruise Concierge Service

Disney offers extensive pre-cruise concierge services to passengers booked in the associated staterooms. Up to 120 days prior to sailing, Disney Cruise Line guests who take advantage of this service can get help with:

  • Reserving cruise shore excursions
  • Arranging onboard spa treatments
  • Arranging nursery stays and other child care
  • Noting dining time and table preferences
  • Making reservations for Palo, the ships' elite specialty restaurant
  • Planning special occasions and onboard celebrations
  • Handling special requests of all types, such as providing extra stateroom pillows or noting other personal preferences

Passengers who have this service have exclusive access to a toll free number from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., as well as direct email contact with their dedicated concierge staff. By providing this service before the cruise begins, Disney Cruise Line removes the burden of travel planning from passengers and allows them to begin savoring their magical cruise vacation before they even set sail.

One reviewer at Cruise Critic stated Disney's concierge service was definitely the way to go. "As a concierge member," she stated, "your check-in for the bus to the port is a separate counter with no waiting lines. Upon arrival at the port, we went through security with everyone else, but then went to a separate counter for concierge check-in which allowed us to avoid the hundreds of people queuing up."

Onboard Concierge Service

Disney's cruise concierge service does not end once the ship departs. In addition to priority boarding with a reserved check-in line, passengers with concierge privileges also enjoy:

  • In-suite dining options from the rotating restaurant menus
  • Priority access to port tenders when required
  • Personal assistance with any planning changes or updates
  • Continuing assistance with onboard reservations and activity planning

The same reviewer from Cruise Critic also stated, "In between meals, the Concierge Lounge always had breakfast and yummy snacks, along with free drinks from 5:45-8:00. Bottles of water are also free in the lounge along with soda to bring to your room fridge."

Bookings That Include Concierge Service

Disney's elite concierge service is only available to the top three suite categories on board and cannot be purchased for lower-priced cabins. The cabins that feature this exclusive service are:

  • Royal Suite: This 1,029-square foot suite features two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms complete with walk-in closets and whirlpool tubs. A private veranda offers expansive ocean views. The cabin accommodates up to seven passengers.
  • Two Bedroom Suite: This 945-square foot suite also has a private veranda, two bedrooms, and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The whirlpool tubs and wet bar are favorite amenities, and the cabin accommodates up to seven passengers.
  • One Bedroom Suite: This 614-square foot suite has two bathrooms and can accommodate up to five passengers. Walk in closets, a wet bar, and a private veranda are all included.

In addition, all the concierge level suites include upgraded features such as higher-quality sheets, linens, pillows and duvets, as well as robes and slippers. A selection of board games, a personal DVD and CD library are also included, as well as daily treats like fresh fruit, cookies, and canapés.

Exclusive, Stress-Free Cruising

Concierge service on a Disney Cruise is a pampering, exclusive service offered only to the most elite staterooms on Disney's fleet of ships, and it can make a fantastic vacation even more memorable. Some travelers may be intimidated by the extra cost, but you do get what you pay for, and there are a lot of great deals and freebies to take advantage of. As the self-confessed skin flint said in his review, "In the end, we calculated that we only spent a couple hundred dollars more than if we had booked one of the cheaper rooms. Once we took into account that the room that was nearly twice the size and included a veranda and all the extra services that cannot be valued with a dollar amount, the trip was well worth the extra expense."

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Guide to Disney Cruise Line's Concierge Service