Uniworld River Cruises

Cruising the Nile
Cruising the Nile is one Uniworld option.

If you want to take an unforgettable voyage to Europe, China or Egypt, then consider booking through Uniworld river cruises. The company offers elegant journeys to some of the most beautiful and historic destinations in the world.

About Uniworld

Uniworld is based in Los Angeles, California, and has been in operation for more than 30 years. It also has offices in the Netherlands and Beijing to help it manage its fleet. It prides itself on what it calls "boutique hotel-style" ships, which are decorated to suit the art and architecture of particular cruise destinations. In addition to staterooms that provide a river view, each ship has libraries, lounges and panoramic restaurants.

Uniworld River Cruises Ships

Uniworld's ships are relatively small by cruise ship standards, which is necessary to allow them to navigate rivers both quickly and safely. Each vessel holds approximately 120 passengers and has between 60 and 70 cabins.


Cabin sizes vary depending on the ship, but they are all designed to be comfortable. Each has the following amenities:

  • Luxurious beds with Egyptian cotton sheets and cashmere blankets
  • Flat screen TVs, magnifying make-up mirrors and hair dryers
  • Adjustable air conditioning
  • Private bathroom complete with robes, L'Occitane grooming products and Christies of Manchester towels

All rooms are cleaned and serviced two times daily.


Full fares include three meals a day, including a full breakfast of eggs, waffles, pancakes, and other buffet selections; a lunch of salad, cheeses, soups and sandwiches; and a plated dinner complete with dessert. European cruises include complimentary sodas and alcoholic beverages as well. All meals are open seating.



Uniworld river cruises are a great way to discover Europe. You can choose from 26 different itineraries, including two that are designed for families and holiday voyages. Rivers you are able to cruise include:

  • The Rhine, in Germany
  • The Danube, in Germany and Eastern Europe
  • The Main, in Germany
  • The Moselle, in France
  • The Rhone, in France
  • The Saone, in France, Germany and Luxembourg
  • The Duoro, in Spain and Portugal
  • The Seine, in France


Egypt has the world-famous Nile river, which you can enjoy cruising down with one of three itineraries. You can take an eight-day or 12-day cruise of just the river or a 12-day cruise of both the Nile and Lake Nasser. All Egypt cruises start and end in Cairo and include visits to ancient historic sites.


China's jewel is the Yangtze River, which runs through the southeastern portion of the country. You can choose from four different itineraries, one of which includes a visit to the Li River in the far south. These cruises may not be considered cruises in the traditional sense. All require air travel between excursions.

Planning Your Trip

Uniworld encourages future cruisers to work with a travel professional to plan and book their trips. If you'd like to get a price quote ahead of time, you can request one on Uniworld's website. You can also check the site for ballpark pricing, although you may be able to receive a substantial discount off of posted prices.

Before your trip, you must complete a Passenger Information Form, which includes information related to your identity for immigration and security purposes. You may also need a tourist Visa to visit China, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. It's best to find out this information in advance of your cruise, so you don't risk needing to cancel your vacation at the last minute.

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