Three Day Bermuda Cruise

Three days is not enough to see everything in Bermuda.

A three day Bermuda cruise may seem like a fabulous getaway for a relaxed cruise vacation, but unfortunately there are no cruises to this island paradise that last just three days. Interested passengers can, however, find many voyages that let them indulge in Bermuda's hospitality for longer than a typical port of call.

About Bermuda

Bermuda is a British territory composed of more than 130 islands in the Atlantic Ocean - contrary to popular belief, the country is more than 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean, though it is often associated with Caribbean cruises. Bermuda is 640 miles east of North Carolina, and its islands amount to a mere 20 square miles of landmass. The balmy climate, mild winters, and British hospitality have made this a popular port of call for many cruise lines, particularly since its relative isolation keeps crowds to a minimum and helps maintain the unspoiled tropical ambience of the islands.

The Three Day Rule

Only recently has Bermuda relaxed what was known as the "three day rule" in regards to cruise ship visits. In order to limit the number of cruise ships that could be in port at any one time and to maximize the economic profitability of Bermuda cruises, the country used to require that any ship must remain docked for a minimum of three days. A similar restriction related to cruise ship size: only small and mid-size vessels were permitted to keep control of the number of visiting passengers. As cruise travel has become more popular, however, Bermuda has begun to allow ships to visit for shorter periods of time, and larger ships are also beginning to frequent this idyllic nation, allowing more passengers to discover the charms of Bermuda.

Three Day Bermuda Cruise Options

Because of Bermuda's distance from United States departure ports, there are no cruises that visit the nation during a three night voyage. Most itineraries that include Bermuda last from five to seven days, though they do often spend more than a full day in one of the country's ports of call to take advantage of the many exciting activities that can be found in Bermuda.

Departure Ports

All the eastern United States cruise ports offer voyages to Bermuda, including New York City; Baltimore; Bayonne, New Jersey; Charleston, South Carolina; and Norfolk, Virginia. Not all cruise lines sail from each departure port, however, and the exact itineraries and lengths of time spend in Bermuda can vary widely. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Line all offer sailings to Bermuda, and a number of smaller luxury cruises offer voyages to Bermuda as well. Smaller ships and luxury lines are more likely to stay in Bermuda's ports for a longer length of time, giving passengers even more time to relax and enjoy the port.

Ports of Call

There are three principal ports of call in Bermuda: Hamilton, the nation's capital, St. George's, and King's Wharf, where larger shops frequently dock. Most ships only dock at one part regardless of how long they will be visiting the nation, but because the islands are closely connected, visitors can easily venture to other popular ports no matter where their ship is located. Smaller vessels may switch ports during their stay, but that practice is becoming less popular as more ships visit Bermuda and dock space becomes more coveted.

Bermuda Activities


Even if a ship only visits one port of call, cruise shore excursions, organized tours, and independent transportation are easily available for passengers to explore the entire nation. Taxis, ferries, scooters, and bikes are all reasonably priced, but no rental cars are permitted in the country to help control both traffic congestion and pollution.Bermuda may seem small, but even a three day Bermuda cruise cannot give passengers enough time to enjoy all the activities available. In fact, Bermuda has one of the highest repeat guest rates of all cruise destinations because of its enjoyable atmosphere and numerous exciting options, including:

  • Pink sand beaches with stunning natural beauty
  • Caves, rainforests, and other natural attractions
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving in pristine waters
  • Sailing and other adventurous water sports
  • World class golf courses - Bermuda is home to more golf courses per square mile than anywhere in the world
  • Aquariums, museums, art galleries, and other cultural attractions
  • Fine European shopping and dining
  • Distinctive architecture with pastel Caribbean influences

With so much to do, multiple days in port are desirable to guests can thoroughly enjoy all Bermuda has to offer.

Finding Your Bermuda Cruise

Any cruise travel agent can help passengers book a cruise to Bermuda. The sailing season extends from early April through late October, but passengers should note that while the country is renowned for its mild climate, it can be humid and muggy in late summer. Bermuda is also in the Atlantic hurricane track, and itineraries may be disrupted if storms threaten the islands.

When most travelers are intent on cramming as much sightseeing and as many new experiences as possible into short vacations, a three day Bermuda cruise be a relaxing alternative to a hectic getaway. With plenty of activity options to choose from and a luxurious tropical atmosphere to relax in, Bermuda is an ideal choice for a cruise vacation.

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Three Day Bermuda Cruise