Women's Cruise Wear

Cute and Casual

Women's cruise wear varies depending on individual style, cruise destination, and what types of looks you want to sport on your vacation.
From swimwear to formal wear, there are many types of attire to consider when packing for your seagoing getaway.

The following outfits are just a sample of appropriate women's cruise wear for formal nights, shore excursions, and what to wear while lounging on board the ship. Different cruise lines may have attire guidelines; always check the line's recommendations before choosing your cruise wear.

Stay Comfortable

Comfortable tops are a must.

Sun Protection

A hat and shades can protect you from the sun.

Fall Fashion

Sweaters are suitable for fall foliage cruises.

Beach Wear

Bring the right beach attire.

Resort Casual

Casual resort clothes are fine on most cruise ships.

Cold Weather Gear

Bundle up for an Alaskan cruise.

Gym Clothes

Bring exercise clothes if you plan to hit the ship's gym.

Formal Attire

Dress to impress on formal night.

Proper Footwear

Comfortable shoes are a must for shore excursions.

Cruise Weddings

Choose a simple dress for a wedding cruise.


Accessories can jazz up any look.

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Women's Cruise Wear