Pictures of Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Ship Photos

Looking at pictures of Carnival cruise ships can tell prospective passengers many things: they will see the many different onboard features and amenities for their vacation, they can judge the size of the vessel, and they can see how popular and recognizable Carnival cruise ships are. As one of the largest cruise lines in existence and sailing to destinations around the world, Carnival Cruise Line has a ship, an itinerary, and a fun cruise vacation for everyone.

Carnival Ship Funnel

The most distinctive feature of Carnival cruise ships is the “whale tail” funnel in red, white, and blue. On larger ships, an intimate supper club, teen club, or meeting space is located beneath the funnel’s translucent panels.

Carnival Cruise Logo

Another eye-catching feature of Carnival ships is the bold logo on the side of each ship – the reverse “C” is a Carnival icon.

Cruise from New York

Carnival Cruise Line offers voyages from New York to New England and the Bahamas. Other eastern departure ports include Boston, Charleston, and Miami.

Carnival Ship at Night

At night, all Carnival ships turn into floating galaxies with deck and running lights that shine through the darkness. If sailing in a popular area, be sure to spend time on deck to find neighboring ships by their lights.

Carnival Pride

At 963 feet long, the Carnival Pride is one of the fleet’s largest ships and can accommodate more than 2,100 passengers on every voyage.

Docked in Nassau

Nassau, Bahamas is a popular cruise destination and Carnival cruise passengers often find sister ships in port alongside their vessel.


The signature water slide is found on every Carnival ship. Some slides empty into a run out while others splash down into a Lido deck pool, but they all offer an aquatastic good time.

Carnival Paradise

The Carnival Paradise is one of the fleet’s most highly rated ships, and it sails regularly from the Port of Long Beach to destinations along the Mexican Riviera such as Ensenada and Catalina.

Private Beauty
Pictures of Carnival cruise ships show a range of beautiful public areas including colorful boulevards, exciting lounges, intimate bars, chapels, and more for passengers to enjoy.

Carnival Freedom

The Carnival Freedom is a Conquest Class vessel that features jazz and piano bars, a 70s dance club, multiple restaurants, a European style spa, and dozens of additional amenities for the more than 2,900 passengers to enjoy.

Lido Deck

A Carnival ship’s Lido deck is home to the main pool, whirlpools, waterslides, casual dining, pizzerias, and ice cream, plus plenty of deck space for soaking up the sun.

Docked in Venice

Venice is just one of the popular ports of call during Carnival’s European itineraries. Other ports of call include Barcelona, Monaco, Rome, and Naples.

Central Atrium

The central atrium on Carnival cruise ships is home to information desks, exquisite décor, photo galleries, piano bars, and more.

Tropical Carnival

Even from a distance, the profile of a Carnival “Fun Ship” is unmistakable.

Bon Voyage!

Set sail on your Carnival cruise ship today!

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Pictures of Carnival Cruise Ships