Singles Cruises

Meet new friends on a singles cruise.

Singles cruises are more than just a vacation: they are an opportunity to meet new friends, form new relationships, and to share a love of cruise vacations with others who share your single status.

What are Singles Cruises?

Generally, singles cruises are organized by specific groups - churches, professional organizations, alumni groups, etc. - to entice single passengers to congregate on one cruise ship to increase their chances of meeting someone special who shares similar interests. Because cruises offer a range of activities from fitness classes to wacky games to formal nights, single passengers have the opportunity to date in a safe, controlled atmosphere without becoming bored or frustrated with limited options. Itinerary options vary, though most cruises for singles groups are 3-5 days long, giving ample mingling time without taxing single income budgets.


Passengers affiliated with singles groups are often from different parts of the country, giving people with similar interests the opportunity to meet in person as they get to know one another. Most singles vacations do not specify strict age limitations, though only guests 18 or 21 years and older may usually register, depending on the parent organization and the guidelines specified by the cruise line. Prospective passengers should be aware, however, that these cruises are organized under group rates and while there may be several hundred members joining in, other passengers onboard will be married, honeymooners, families, and so on: not everyone on board will be part of the group.


While passengers participating in singles cruises will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the ship's regular activities and shore excursions, several singles-oriented activities may be scheduled depending on the size of the group. Popular events include meet-and-mingle mixers on the first day or two of the voyage, as well as dances, banquets, or games organized solely for the singles to help them get to know one another. Most activities are scheduled in the early days of the vacation so that as individuals become couples, they have plenty of time to spend together.

What You Won't Find

What many passengers expect to find during singles group cruises are exclusive rights and privileges that apply to their specific group: this will not be the case outside organized activities. While the parent organization may opt for several different features (specialized shore tours, multiple on board activities, group photos, etc.), it is important to realize that most ships carry well over a thousand passengers, all of whom are intent on enjoying a spectacular vacation. Outrageous behavior, regulation violations, and other inappropriate actions will not be tolerated and additional group activities may be cancelled if there are problems with individual group members.

The Key to Enjoying Singles Cruises

The key to enjoying a cruise for singles is to participate. Everyone who signed up for the vacation at least had one similar intention: to have an enjoyable getaway. Without volunteering for games, introducing yourself, and getting to know your fellow passengers, you will end the cruise without the satisfying and rewarding companionship of new friends.

Finding the Right Cruise

To find singles cruises, contact local travel agents and ask about upcoming group sailings. If no groups that interest you are planning an event in the near future, the travel agent will be happy to provide information about group rates and organization steps for you to present to groups you are involved with. In addition to meeting new people who share your interests, most groups are also able to arrange significant discounts for participating members, including cabin upgrades and other benefits that make the vacation even more appealing.

With organized group activities, generous discounts, and plenty of individuals with similar interests, singles cruises can be the beginning of two wonderful things: life-long friendships and a life-long love of cruising.

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Singles Cruises