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Silversea cruise line is a luxury line owned by the Lefebvre family of Rome, Italy. The family's goal was to create cruise ships that rivaled the finest European hotels. The line features six luxury, all-suite vessels. Silversea also prides itself on its unique shore excursions in ports most ocean liners don't visit. A voyage with this cruise line is certainly one you will remember for a long time.

About Silversea Cruise Line

Just because it's a European-based line doesn't mean Silversea sails exclusively on one continent. On the contrary, not only can you visit Europe and the Mediterranean, but you can also sail to:

  • South America
  • Alaska
  • Africa
  • Caribbean
  • South and Central America
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • Antarctica

If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can even partake in a four-month cruise around the world.

The Ships

Silversea has six different ships, including:

  • Silver Cloud and Silver Wind: The cruise line's first and second ships, respectively, each hold 296 guests. The vessels also host classical music concerts, guest lectures, ballroom dancing and movies.
  • Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper: These two ships are slightly larger than the Silver Cloud and Silver Wind. However, both have a multilevel auditorium, which is perfect for watching after dinner show performances.
  • Silver Spirit: As of Augusy 2010, the Silver Spirit is the line's newest ship and also the largest. It includes amenities the other ships don't, including a supper club, an Asian restaurant, an extensive spa, a large pool and the biggest suites you will find with Silversea.
  • Prince Albert II: Accommodating just 132 guests, this ship is designed to be rugged enough for even the most remote destination in the Antarctic. Despite its size, it has a lot of amenities, including a gym with a sauna, a shopping area, a library, a beauty salon, a cigar bar and a full service spa

Silversea Cruise Line Planning Tips

If you decide a luxe boutique cruise is for you, it's time to start getting your trip together. The easiest way to start planning is to go online to Silversea's Voyage Search. There you can pick your desired destination, the length of your cruise, the date you'd like to depart and the ship you'd like to stay on. Once you select the cruise that seems right for you, request a quote. A Silversea cruise line representative will be in touch either by email or via the phone. You do not have to go through a travel agent.

Saving Money

If you'd love to cruise on Silversea, but find the price is a little steep, don't worry. The cruise line often posts special offers online, especially for voyages that don't fill up quickly. Cheaper cruises tend to be available in fall and winter, with the exception of Christmas and New Year's. That's because people are less likely to vacation when their children are in school.

Contact Information

If you'd like to find out more about Silversea Cruises and you live in the United States, simply call the customer service line at 877-760-9052. Rates are also quoted by phone. If you're calling from outside of the U.S., visit the contact us page to find the appropriate phone number for you to use. Silversea has offices on five continents.

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