The World makes voyages to Monaco.

ResidenSea is a management corporation that develops, builds, and sells residences aboard luxury liners. This concept was created by Knut Kloster, Jr. who has served as CEO on Norwegian Cruise Line and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

The Ship Known as The World

If you enjoy a private yacht club atmosphere, then consider The World, a five-star luxury ship managed independently by ResidenSea. The World made its maiden voyage in May 2002. Since then it has sailed on dozens of trips all over the world. This 43,000-ton vessel can accommodate up to 1,500 people, however, the philosophy behind it is to keep the number of passengers at only 285 and to have a crew of 320. This ship begs to differ from the popular cruise lines; it thrives to be unique and focuses on a slower pace, abundant with the finest of lifestyles.

Renting as a Guest

For those traveling in the height of luxury, private retreats can be enjoyed in elegant and spacious surroundings. The ship accommodates up to twelve passengers in its state-of-the-art suites. There are five suites - the Presidential, the World, the Emperor, the Royal, and the Ambassador. These can be rented at $2,500 per night.

Other rental options include two to six bedroom apartments between 1,100 and 4,000 square feet. Their rental prices start at $2,500. Studios, between 290 and 1,100 square feet, each with verandas, begin at $1,300 per night for rentals.

The World is ideal for those who like to travel in a luxurious and extraordinary community, and of course, for those who have money to invest in this lifestyle at sea.

Buying a Home on The World

To purchase a home on The World, prices begin at $825,000 for studios. A one bedroom apartment is $1,450,000. Two bedroom apartments are $2,325,000 and three bedroom apartments are $3,575,000.

Maintenance Fees

If you purchase an accommodation aboard The World, as opposed to renting, there are yearly maintenance fees to pay. Depending on the size of your purchase, these range from $60,000 to $240,000 to cover repairs, housekeeping services, and replacements of interior appliances and fixtures. When you purchase a home on The World your purchase will include:

  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Linen
  • China, crystal, and utensils
  • Draperies
  • Appliances

Amenities Aboard the Ship

Included on the vessel for all passengers to enjoy are numerous features, such as:

  • Four restaurants - The Marina, Tides, East, and Portraits
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Two heated pools
  • Casino
  • Tennis court
  • Jogging track
  • Golf club
  • Library
  • Business center
  • Museum

There is also a deli and a poolside grill, as well as 24-hour room service. For those staying in an apartment on board, the call-a-chef option is available. A chef will come to your apartment and cook a meal in the kitchen for you and your guests.

The ship has sailboats and kayaks and the opportunity to water ski and wind surf. There is even a helicopter landing pad and retractable marina for when the ship is docked at port.

Making a Reservation

You can locate a sales team representative ready to assist you on your trip by viewing The World cruise ship's reservation website. You can design your own itinerary and join or leave the ship at any port. If you wish to purchase a home aboard the ship, a representative will be glad to answer your questions and provide any information you need.

Career Opportunities at ResidenSea

ResidenSea is responsible for all of the hiring on The World. Positions on land and aboard the ship include:

Cruise employees enjoy work and travel.
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Manicurists
  • Cooks
  • Wait staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Casino workers
  • Gift shop clerks
  • Photographers
  • Massage therapists

The company's management believes that those who join the team become part of the world's best staff. Truly, a job aboard the vessel would be a way to see the world and have fun while fulfilling your job requirements.

Many enjoy working on The World over other cruise ships because the passengers, especially those who have purchased a home, make frequent voyages, and therefore become familiar with the staff. Due to a smaller population on board -- usually the liner sails with only 150 passengers -- the environment is calmer and quieter.

Contact Information

For more information contact the company at:

ResidenSea Management Ltd.
14471 Miramar Parkway
Suite 401
Miramar, Florida 33027

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