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With a hotel chain already known for luxury and elegance, it is no surprise that Radisson Seven Seas Cruises are similarly well-appointed. From spacious vessels to exotic itineraries, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises are perfect for travelers interested in escaping from the mundane and relaxing with a casually luxurious cruise vacation.

The Radisson Seven Seas Cruises Fleet

The Radisson Seven Seas cruise line began in 1992, and at the end of 2004 dropped the "Radisson" from its moniker. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the fleet of five mid-size vessels offers a wide range of itineraries and decadent experiences for every passenger.


Radisson Seven Seas ships are smaller than the behemoths of Carnival Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean Cruises, serving less than 800 passengers each. The twin-hulled Radisson Diamond (the fleet's oldest vessel) accommodates only 350, while the newer Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Voyager host double that. Both larger vessels are also the only cruise ships in the world to offer private balconies with every cabin on board.

Departure Ports

Despite the limited number of vessels in the fleet, the ships transfer departure ports frequently to offer convenience to many passengers. San Juan, Puerto Rico; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Vancouver, Canada; and New York, New York are all regular departure ports, though the itineraries and departure dates vary seasonally. Consult a cruise travel agent for current locations of Radisson Seven Seas ships.


The best feature of Radisson Seven Seas' cruise décor is spaciousness. Though the ships carry large number of passengers for their size, they are well designed for generous public spaces and easy traffic flow along wide decks. The coloration is understated with light-colored woods and rich fabrics, including jewel tones and autumn hues. The marble bathrooms add elegance and distinction to each cabin as well.


Because Radisson caters to experienced cruise passengers, itineraries tend to be a bit more exotic than with mainstream cruise lines. A few itineraries to the Caribbean and Bahamas are as short as three nights, with the majority begin 7-10 nights. Both | eastern and western Caribbean options are available, as well as Bermuda Cruises, voyages to the Panama Canal, journeys along the Mexican Riviera, and a range of options in French Polynesia. Seasonal variations include Alaskan Cruises, Antarctic cruises, and Canadian / New England itineraries.

Onboard Activities

The majority of Radisson Seven Seas Cruise passengers tend to be in their 50's and 60's, with considerable wealth. Because of this demographic, onboard Cruise Activities tend to be low-key, allowing passengers plenty of unstructured time to pursue their own interests rather than participate in organized events. The few structured activities there are often represent more sophisticated activities such as ballroom dance lessons, wine tastings, and art auctions. The line offers a number of theme cruises throughout the year, including wine, film, and chocolate variations, and those itineraries often have more organized activities based on the appropriate themes.


Most dining on Seven Seas ships is open-seating, giving passengers the freedom to set their own mealtimes rather than adhere to pre-arranged sessions. House wines are complimentary with dinner, and special dietary needs can be easily accommodated. A unique touch offered are "simplicity dishes" - simple fare such as spaghetti with tomato sauce or salmon that is consistently available when you tire of elaborate gourmet meals. Alternative restaurants offer a range of tastes, including Italian, French, Mediterranean, and North African menus. As a matter of course, casual dining options and round-the-clock room service are also available.


Evening entertainment on Radisson Seven Seas Cruises includes musical revue shows, soloists and comedians. At least one guest lecturer is present on each sailing, including diplomats, writers, and naturalists, often with specialties tied to the overall region or destination. The ships' cocktail lounges are popular evening retreats.

Spas and Fitness

Radisson Seven Seas ships offer only limited gymnasium facilities, though some fitness classes are available. Available fitness equipment includes golf nets, jogging tracks, pools, hot tubs, shuffleboard courts, and ping-pong tables. The spas, staffed by Parisian-trained experts, are more luxurious, offering a range of therapy and anti-stress treatments including reflexology, aromatherapy, hot rock massages, and hydrotherapy.


As with most major cruise ships, onboard casinos are a popular attraction. In keeping with Radisson Cruises understated and relaxed atmosphere, however, the line's casinos are low-key and unpretentious, though they do offer the standard range of individual and table games.

Children's Programs

Few families sail with Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, primarily because most cabins do not offer a third berth to accommodate additional passengers. During summer and holiday sailings limited children's programs are available, particularly on Alaskan Cruises and Bermuda Cruises. If enough children are onboard, ad hoc programming can be arranged. Though children are permitted to sail as young as one year old, organized activities are only provided for two age groups: 6-11 and 12-17. Babysitting is available at a hefty fee if a willing crew member is available.


The biggest extra luxury aboard Radisson Seven Seas Cruises is the fact that there are no windowless cabins on any of their ships, and the majority of cabins boast private balconies. The line offers frequent discount option such as two-for-one deals and free airfare, making it more affordable than other luxury cruise lines.

Cons About Radisson Seven Seas Cruises

While Radisson Cruises do include gratuities, soda, bottled water, and specialty coffees with it's cruise price, it is less inclusive than other luxury lines that may also offer a variety of free shore excursions and alcohol. Because of the ships' small size, there are fewer lounges available, and longer itineraries may become tedious, particularly if there are many days at sea.

One of the smallest luxury cruise lines, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises still offers a decadent experience for any cruiser. With spacious ships and a wide variety of itineraries, even experienced passengers will find new and delightful options aboard this distinctive line.

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