Pictures of Cruise Ships

Norwegian cruise ship; Pride of Hawaii

Modern cruise ships may at first seem remarkably similar, but pictures of cruise ships reveal that these astonishing vessels have distinctive profiles and characteristics that make them lovely examples of modern architecture perfectly suited for luxury vacations and exotic destinations.

Using Cruise Ship Pictures

Pictures of different vessels can give eager travelers their first glimpse of the luxury and amenities that await them on board. While descriptions can be written with exaggerated language and creative adjectives, a picture can show just how large, luxurious, and well planned a cruise ship may be. Examining pictures can also help prepare travelers for their vacation by giving them some visual references for finding their way around these floating cities. Both interior and exterior photographs can highlight a ship's beauty as well as help passengers feel more at home on the tremendous vessel.

Identifying Cruise Lines

At first, all cruise ship pictures may seem similar, but experienced travelers and photographers alike can easily identify major cruise lines by their distinctive structure, colors, and other features. Identifying markings of major cruise lines include:

  • Carnival Cruise Line: The distinctive red, white, and blue "whale tail" funnel with a stylized "C"
  • Disney Cruise Line: Classic colors with the familiar Disney mouse ears in the line logo
  • Cunard Cruise Line: Traditionally proportioned ships with a classic Titanic look and vintage appeal
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Contemporary art with colorful images streaming across white hulls
  • Costa Cruises: Classic proportions with an upright yellow smokestack emblazoned with a "C"
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises: Simple hulls topped with a circular lounge observation area on the aft third of the upper decks
  • Princess Cruises: Long ships with high aft decks and a straight, elevated stern
  • Celebrity Cruises: Bold coloration with a navy strip along the white hull and a white "X" on the smokestack

Where to Find Pictures of Cruise Ships

There are many places to find pictures of cruise ships, whether travelers are seeking photos of their upcoming voyages or if they simply admire the sleek elegance of the ships. Official cruise line websites often feature galleries of both interior and exterior photographs as well as interactive virtual tours, deck plans, and destination photos. Cruise reviews may also include pictures, and travel magazines frequently offer photographic spreads of popular vessels. Brochures available from travel agents are also filled with stunning images.

Gallery of Cruise Ships

Click on the pictures below to be taken to additional articles with more photos and details about different cruise lines and cruise travel information.

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Pictures of Cruise Ships