Marmaris Mini Cruises

Marmaris is a haven for gulet mini cruises.

Marmaris mini cruises are a great way to discover the beauty of Marmaris aboard a luxury yacht during a few days at sea. Gulet yachting in Turkey has become quite the phenomenon. A gulet is a Turkish handmade wooden sailing vessel, and mini cruises from Marmaris to Fethiye are the most common route for these small ships, though there are many different options.

About Marmaris

Marmaris is a popular Turkish destination on the majestic Mediterranean coast. This sleepy fishing village has evolved into one of the preeminent vacation destinations in Turkey. A wonderful place for mini cruises, sailing, and boating, tourism is the main income for this charming Turkish town which becomes very busy during the summer months. Blue cruises from Marmaris take place between the months of April and October. Marmaris offers many charter mini cruises from the numerous marinas in this exquisite destination.

Blue Cruises

Blue Cruises are usually at least a week long, but mini cruises are also offered for those who don't want to spend too much time at sea. These three to five night cruises provide the opportunity to explore the sites nearby Marmaris, although the wiser investment is to go for the longer duration. In July and August, mini cruises are often more difficult to come by and more expensive since this is the busiest time and priority is given to the longer cruises. Bodrum mini gulet cruises and Marmaris mini cruises are two of the most popular Mediterranean cruises in Turkey.

What to Expect

The blue cruise is an amazing mini cruising vacation as you sail into the many shallow water coves where traditional cruise ships are unable to enter. For this reason you are able to journey into fantastic Turkish islands and experience Mediterranean cruise areas that few cruise passengers have ever seen. The experienced crew, captain, and cook will cater to your every desire. The gulets are more than just aesthetic masterpieces that have long been a part of Turkish culture, however. They are specially designed to charter passengers comfortably into paradise, with sun beds and all the comforts of home. Itineraries can often be changed to accommodate the specific interests of the passengers.

Things You Should Bring

Though most things are included in the mini cruises, there are some essential items that you should carry with you during this luxury cruise, including:

  • Cameras
  • Bathing Suits
  • Sleeping bag (if you want to sleep beneath the stars)
  • Sandals for the boat and sneakers or hiking shoes for exploring the islands
  • Swimming shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • A warm waterproof jacket or windbreaker

Companies that offer Marmaris Mini Cruises

There are dozens of charter companies to choose from. The most popular options are:

Blue Guide Cruises

Blue Guide Cruises offers amazing weekly cruises from Marmaris. The cruises range from two nights to two weeks aboard gulets. There are many different cruises to choose from.

Blue Voyage Cruises

Blue Voyage Cruises offers five night mini cruises from May to October. A sample itinerary might be as follows:

  • Day One: Passengers board the gullet in Fethiye Harbour. The yacht stays in the harbor the first evening so that everyone can get familiar with the gullet and enjoy the local entertainment.
  • Day Two: After breakfast, the gullet sails to Gocek Bays for some great snorkeling at Batik Haman. Here you can enjoy the ancient ruins at Hamam, which date all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. Then sail over to Bedri Rahmi Bay to observe Lycian's Rocky King Graves atop the hill. You will then stay overnight at Tersane Island.
  • Day Three: After breakfast the gullet cruises to Gocek Bays once again, and the evening is spent as Aga Limani.
  • Day Four: After breakfast, enjoy swimming and a lunch at Turunc Buku, or at Cennet Island, before returning back to Marmaris for dinner and to spend the night.
  • Day Five: Enjoy a final breakfast on the boat before bidding farewell to your crew and shipmates.


It is best to make your cruise reservations many months in advance to get the best price. Avoiding the months of July and August can save you some money and give you a greater selection of mini cruise options to choose from.

Marmaris mini cruises are a great way for travelers to get an intimate look at extraordinary Turkish culture. With personalization options and many different cruises to choose from, there is something for every passenger to enjoy on these unusual vessels.

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