Lake Michigan Sail Cruise

Sailboats in Lake Michigan

A Lake Michigan sail cruise is a perfect way to spend a day when you're longing for a few carefree hours or a weekend on the water and can't spring for a major cruise vacation. For those who would love to take a week-long cruise, there are those cruise lengths available as well.

Sailing on Lake Michigan

You can choose from a number of ports from which to embark when you decide to take a cruise in Lake Michigan, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Indiana. During the sail can fish, dive, enjoy the beauty of the coastline, or check out historical ship wrecks.

When you decide to take a cruise along one of the Great Lakes, you can easily make it what you want. Larger, more traditional cruise ships pamper you with spacious suites with plenty of closet space, Jacuzzis, VCR/DVD/CD players, Internet access and more. However, there is also the option of chartering a sailboat or other small ship and exploring Lake Michigan on your own schedule. You could also give yourself the feel of a river boat cruise and enjoy a short but relaxing time on the water, dining, reading, and just taking in the peaceful scenery.

Find a Lake Michigan Sail Cruise

If you want to charter a boat to take a cruise in Lake Michigan, there are a few places to start, including:

  • Michigan Charter Boats are available for Lake Michigan and all the Great Lakes. They boast knowledgeable captains who will make your cruise adventure safe and enjoyable. Spots along Lake Michigan where you can make your reservations include Grand Haven, Ludington, and more.
  • Sailboats, Inc. allows you to charter a sailboat to cruise along Lake Michigan. The company offers special rates for mid-week and full-week cruises. Charters can leave any day of the week. Security and cleaning deposits are required. If no one in your party is certified to charter, there is a three-day vacation package that runs between May and September where you can learn to sail and cruise.
  • Great Lakes Cruising has six cruise ships from which to choose, and on those ships are all the makings of a luxurious vacation. There's plenty of space, Internet access, televisions, DVD players, Jacuzzis, restaurants, and more. You can also charter a ship if you would like to host an event on Lake Michigan for your company or a family reunion. Itineraries are listed on the website.

Final Thoughts

If you want to view the coastline of inland waterways from a variety of vessels, a Lake Michigan sail cruise will fit the bill. You can choose from cruises that last just over two hours to cruises that last an entire week.

If you're in the Lake Michigan area, making it to the cruise ships should be no hassle at all. If you live outside the Midwest, you will still be able to take advantage of travel and accommodation deals some cruise companies offer. You can relax or enjoy activities, such as fishing and diving. Lake Michigan is full of history and the potential for adventure.

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Lake Michigan Sail Cruise