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Steamboat on Lake George

The Lake George Steamboat Company is based in Lake George, New York. It has provided steamboat transportation since 1817. Its first steamboat, dubbed James Caldwell, couldn't move much faster than a person rowing. Today, the company has three different steamboats: the Mohican, the Minnie-Ha-Ha and the Lac du Saint Sacrement, all of which are significantly faster.

Lake George Steamboat Company Cruises

The line runs from the beginning of May through the end of October, with several cruises running each day, even holidays. You can view the schedule online.

Cruises available vary depending on which ship you would like to take. Your choices include:

The Mohican

This ship offers five different cruises. First, there's the Islands Cruise. You can either take a morning cruise that sails along the lakeshore and near the Adirondacks or an evening cruise that explores the Narrows. The captain narrates the cruise, so you know exactly what you're seeing. The second is the Discovery Tour, which sails the entire lake, a trip of 32 miles. The other three are meal cruises. You can choose from tacos, pizza and pasta. These cruises are great for families.

The Minne-Ha-Ha

You can choose from three cruises aboard this ship. The paddlewheel cruise takes you along the southern half of the lake where you can see both the mountains and rows of historic mansions. The moonlight cruise offers an evening of dancing, with a live band. Some of these cruises also include fireworks displays.

Lac du Saint Sacrement

Choose this ship to enjoy a lunch, brunch or dinner cruise complete with live entertainment. You can also take a summer fireworks cruise on Thursday nights or select additional dates. If neither of these suits your fancy, you may enjoy a specialty cruise instead. Past cruises have included a Red Hat Society luncheon and an Oktoberfest trip.

Booking Your Cruise

All Lake George Steamboat Company cruises are day or evening cruises. There are no overnight accommodations. Most voyages last between one and three hours. If you'd like to make a reservation online, you must purchase your tickets at least four days before your cruise is set to sail. If you want to make a reservation for a cruise within three days' time, call the box office at 1-800-553-2628, extension 4. Note that only the Lac du Saint Sacrement cruises include meals in their pricing.


If you'd like to reserve a ship for a party, you are welcome to request a charter. The largest ship, the Lac du Saint Sacrement, can accommodate up to 400 people. If your party is significantly smaller, you can also reserve a party room. You'll have use of two bars, a fully enclosed deck and restrooms. Dining options are also available. You can also order a keepsake photograph of the occasion.

If you don't need a charter, but you have a large group, the company is happy to host group tours, families, student groups, and private organizations. Just send in a group inquiry form.

If you're not interested in a Lake George cruise, but want information about the steamboat company itself, you can call 518-668-5777 and speak to a representative.

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