Kemer Kekova Yacht Cruises

Sailing in beautiful Kekova.

Kemer Kekova yacht cruises will take you to some of the most ancient places in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the beautiful sea, the friendly yacht staff, meet other travelers from all over the world, and have an experience like none other.

The Area of Kemer Kekova

The city of Kemer, built in 1910, is a seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It lies 40 kilometers west of Antalya. Kekova, Turkish for plain of thyme, is a tiny Turkish island near Kas. In 1990 the Turkish Ministry of Environment set out to protect the natural, cultural, and geographic richness of the Kekova Islands. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful spots on the turquoise coast.

Some of the attractions in the lovely region around Kemer and Kekova include:

  • The Lycian Ruins at Olympos
  • The Ruins at Xanthos
  • The Bohemian town of Kas
  • Gokkaya

Aboard Olympos Yachting

There are a few cruise companies to choose from when you are planning your yacht adventure.

The popular Olympos Yachting has a group cruise which consists of eight days and seven nights, departing from Kemer to Kekova and returning to Kemer. The itinerary includes:

  • Day One: Board the yacht at Kemer. Enjoy a drink and hear about the yacht and tours. Later, dine aboard, and visit the town of Kemer. The night is spent on the boat.
  • Day Two: Enjoy breakfast in Kemer and then sail to Ceneviz Bay for lunch. Optional tours may be organized to the burning mountain and the Lycian Ruins at Olympos. Overnight in Ceneviz Bay.
  • Day Three: Sail to Kekova and stop to swim along the way in Karagoz Bay. The vessel sails to Gokkaya Harbour for the night where underwater ruins of the homes of ancient Gokkaya can be viewed.
  • Day Four: From Gokkaya, set sail to Kas, a small harbor bohemian town.
  • Day Five: The boat sails after breakfast and makes a voyage to Kale. Here, an excursion to the ancient city of Myra and St. Nicholas Church in Demre may be made. Dinner, and overnight at the harbor in Kale.
  • Day Six: After breakfast, the boat sails to the harbor town of Finike, where the boat will anchor for the night.
  • Day Seven: The yacht sails to Kemer with stops at Cavus Harbor and Adrasan. The harbor of Kemer is where the last night is spent aboard the yacht.
  • Day Eight: Once breakfast ends, it's time to pack, say good-bye, and disembark.

Aboard the yacht you can sunbathe, enjoy three Greek and Turkish-style meals each day, and snorkel, fish, or canoe when the vessel makes stops at the scenic bays. Each cabin is equipped with a hot and cold shower, toilet, and double bed.

Other Kemer Kekova Yacht Cruises

  • Blue Cruise ORG has moderately-priced cruises from Kemer to Kekova.
  • Europa Yachting has a large selection of cruises offered and classifies them as economy, superior, luxury, and extraordinary.

What to Pack

Items to pack in your bag for your sailing experience:

  • Camera
  • Swimsuit
  • Sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing
  • Casual clothing for the season
  • Beach towels
  • Sandals for the yacht

Booking Your Reservation

Pricing for the cruises depends on which season you plan to travel, with the lower priced time between mid-May until the end of June and then mid-September to mid-November. Prices include all meals and harbor taxes. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages on board is not acceptable. Drinks can be purchased at reasonable prices at the yacht's bar.Your travel agent can arrange your reservations or you can go online to the yacht websites and book your cruise there. As with other yacht cruises operating in the area, you will need to pay 50 percent of the cost of the cruise at the time of booking and the rest several weeks before departure.

Be Comfortable

Be sure to not only bring casual clothing, but also an attitude for fun. Have fun, relax, and enjoy your cruise! Kemer Kekova yacht cruises along the sunny and historical Turkish blue coastline are truly experiences many seafarers would love to have.

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