Harwich Cruise Terminal

Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean is one of few cruise lines that dock at Harwich terminal.

Harwich cruise terminal may be the smallest of the three main cruise ports that serve London, but the area still has a lot to offer.

About Harwich Cruise Terminal

Harwich terminal doesn't see as much cruise traffic as Southampton and Dover, but that fact does nothing to compromise its service level or amenities. The single berth, single terminal is located on London's east coast and is the quietest of the three main ports of embarkation that service London. The terminal is perfectly situated for Scandinavian and Baltic cruises, as well as sailings to and from Britain and other European destinations. As of January 2010, only Holland America, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean base ships in Harwich. However, given its 70-mile proximity to London, many travelers who embark at Harwich terminal spend at least some time in the surrounding community.


Harwich cruise terminal is exceptionally clean and is serviced by pleasant staff members who offer excellent passenger and luggage handling services. In addition, the terminal offers a variety of other amenities, including:

  • Railway station
  • Bar
  • Internet cafe
  • Gift chop
  • Foreign currency machine
  • Cash machine (ATM)
  • Public telephones
  • Food, beverage and phone card vending machines
  • 24-hour Tourist information kiosk
  • Photo booth
  • Restrooms

Harwich Terminal Transportation Options

Passengers have a variety of ground transportation options when visiting Harwich terminal:


Rail is the transport of choice for most cruise ship passengers disembarking at Harwich terminal. The cruise terminal has its own railway station with direct trains to London's Liverpool Street Station. The trip from Harwich terminal to London is approximately 70 minutes. However, it is important to note that the station is called Harwich International. This should not be confused with Harwich Town, which is two stops past the cruise terminal, on trains coming from London.


There are several bus stops located directly in front of Harwich terminal. Local buses run every 30 minutes to Harwich Town. London Heathrow and Gatwick are each more than a two-hour bus ride from Harwich.


A taxi ride between central London and Harwich takes about two hours without traffic. Depending on the time of day, road congestion is a factor. If you travel during the height of morning or evening rush hours, then the trip will be closer to three hours.

Local Attractions

Harwich Town offers a number of exciting attractions for cruise passengers. The quaint community is home to a number of popular shopping centers and retail outlets including Focus and Bon Marche.

If you are looking for interesting ways to pass the time during your time in Harwich and surrounding areas, consider visiting:

  • Constable Country: The area that inspired John Constable is home to a number of must-visit sites, including Saffron Walden, a quintessentially English town and one of the finest preserved examples of a medieval marketplace.
  • Colchester Castle Museum: Located in Colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town, the award-winning museum is actually the largest castle built by the Normans. The massive structure constructed in 1096 stands on foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius.
  • Christchurch Mansion: The popular tourist attraction is located in nearby Ipswich. The 16th-century house boasts an amazing collection of paintings by Gainsborough and Constable.
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Harwich Cruise Terminal