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Hamilton Bermuda cruises are an ideal way to see the picturesque and historic island of Bermuda. Hamilton, the economic and political capital of Bermuda, is a fabulous cruise destination with a variety of shopping and historical attractions to suit all passengers. As the popularity of Bermuda Cruises grows, more travelers are discovering the laid-back, yet sophisticated nature of this port of call.

Arriving in Hamilton

Located on the northeastern shore of Bermuda, cruise ships arrive in the center of the quaint city where the terminal leads directly to the shopping district, unlike many small islands that require tenders or ferries for debarking passengers.


Necessary information about Hamilton:

  • As a British colony, English is the official language, though guests may be unfamiliar with some British slang and other cultural differences.
  • The Bermuda dollar is the official currency but is equal to the United States dollar and no exchange is necessary.
  • Because the entire nation of Bermuda is a mere twenty square miles, visitors can easily explore Hamilton even if they have docked in a different location.

Hamilton Bermuda Cruises: Shore Tours

Along with snorkeling, sunbathing, and other water sports, cruise ships offer a variety of shore excursions, many of which focus on the city's rich history with walking, biking, and guided bus tours available. For more adventurous passengers, kayaking eco-tours, helmet dives, and deep sea fishing are offered, and carriage rides and rounds of golf are more sophisticated options.

Sightseeing in Hamilton

Because of Hamilton's compact size and the convenience of a downtown dock, many cruise passengers choose to explore the region without the aid of organized tours. Some of Hamilton's more popular sights include:

  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute: Adjacent to the dock, this interactive museum has dozens of interactive marine exhibits on two stories including a simulated capsule dive great for both kids and adults.
  • Bermuda Railway Trail: Once the site of the narrow gauge Bermuda Railway, the tracks have been replaced with a superb biking trail stretching eighteen miles when all sections are explored. Mostly flat, it is appropriate for walking as well and visitors are treated to superb ocean and island views.
Bermuda Aquarium
Bermuda Aquarium
  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo: Halfway between Hamilton and St. George's (less than a thirty minute taxi ride away), this attraction offers interactive displays, vibrant aquariums, and frequent seal feedings for visitors who wish to explore marine life.
  • Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity: Spectacular stained glass windows adorn this gracious structure, making it a must-see for architecturally-inclined visitors.
  • Beaches: Bermuda is renowned for superb beaches, many of which are graced with pink sand from crushed shells and corals. Most beaches have free public access and offer a variety of snack bars and equipment rentals.

If Hamilton isn't exciting enough, both ferries and taxis are available at reasonable fees to allow passengers to explore the rest of the charming island.

Hamilton Bermuda Cruises: Necessary Precautions

The biggest concern on Hamilton Bermuda cruises is simply becoming lost in the island's allure. Passengers who choose to explore locations further from Hamilton should note their cruise departure time carefully and allow plenty of time to return to the dock without fear of being late.

With a year-round temperate climate, quaint historical attractions, and world-class beaches, Hamilton is an excellent laid-back cruise destination, perfect for a weekend getaway from northeastern U.S. departure ports. British charm and hospitality combines with Caribbean allure to create an island paradise filled with luxurious diversions, and passengers cruising to Hamilton will find themselves swept away in the city's mystique.

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