Gospel Singing Cruise

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If you've always wanted to take a Christian-themed vacation, then consider the uplifting experience provided by a gospel singing cruise. Visit exciting ports of call, like the Grand Cayman Islands, Cozumel, or the Bahamas, while being entertained with the enriching, inspirational sounds of gospel song.

What to Expect On Your Trip

Vacations tend to be relaxing and enjoyable, fun-filled and memorable. Ideally, you want them to be perfect. What better way than to have one tailor-made for you?

Such is what you'll find with theme cruises, designed to cater to you and your interests. In the case of gospel singing cruises, you'll set sail with like-minded passengers who also enjoy musical praise and worship. Typically lasting three days to a week, these cruises combine atmosphere and adventure and are perfect for families.

As with all cruises, expect an all-inclusive, worry-free holiday onboard your luxury vessel. In addition to the gospel concerts and seminars, you'll also enjoy all the amenities of a resort hotel, such as a swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, spa, gymnasium, kids' zone, late-night buffets, duty-free shopping, and Internet cafe.

The Harmony of Gospel Singing Cruises

Naturally, what sets a gospel singing cruise apart is its musical message. Christian vacations in general focus on teaching, as well as providing an environment that is in keeping with a Christian faith. On Christian cruises, this manifests in the form of seminars, workshops, and spiritually uplifting entertainment - such as gospel music.

Subgenres within gospel music include:

  • Southern gospel
  • Bluegrass gospel
  • Country
  • Urban
  • Contemporary

Though different in style, all are unified by their shared message concerning God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. On your cruise, you should be able to find the sound that you most identify with. In fact, most cruises build around a particular subgenre, such as Templeton Tours' Southern Gospel Music Cruise.

In addition to choice of music however, you'll also get to choose where to go. Depending on the length of your cruise, you could travel as far as Curacao or Coco Cay in the Bahamas. Other popular ports include Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, and Aruba - the choice is yours.

They create these cruises to match you best: Your taste in music, your dream destination. As a bonus, you get to enjoy it with others who feel the same. Indeed, Christian fellowship is part of what makes such cruises so magical, inviting you to spend a harmonious retreat with family and friends.

Booking Your Trip: Cruise Providers

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular for group retreats among churches and Christian organizations. Thus, you may wish to ask your ministry for ideas on who to contact for a Christian cruise. However, you can also research providers on your own. To get started, here are a few companies that specialize in Christian-themed cruises, including those that showcase gospel music and song:

  1. Templeton Tours: Owner Maurice Templeton organized and operated the first Christian cruise more than 35 years ago. Today, the company arranges land and charter cruises to Alaska, the Bahamas, Greece, and the Holy Land. Templeton's "Singing at Sea" cruise focuses on southern gospel music and is said to be the largest cruise of its kind.
  2. JRI Cruises: A true Christian cruise line, JRI Cruises offers an impressive roster of Christian musicians and speakers to entertain you while visiting the eastern Caribbean or Alaska.
  3. AllChristianCruises.com: This company arranges cruises for both singles and families, visiting ports of call as varied as Victoria, BC and Kings Wharf, Bermuda. All cruises feature seminars, workshops, and Christian concerts.

Start with a Day

If however you're not ready for a week-long getaway, there are lunch and dinner cruises you could try out first. Reserve123 for example offers a southern-style dinner cruise onboard a real Mississippi riverboat through its Chattanooga Tours. The entertainment? Gospel music, of course.Meanwhile, its Philly Tours sails a lunch cruise that features a bountiful buffet, gospel tunes, and the spectacular Philadelphia skyline. Price-wise, day cruises cost about one-tenth that of full-length cruises; but could prove the inspiration for a longer voyage in the future.

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