Empress of the North Cruise Review

The red paddle wheel is stunning.

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About the Empress of the North

The Empress of the North is an American ship with the stately features of a stern-wheel boat built in the 1800s. One of the most unique characteristics of the ship is its bright red paddle wheel. The Empress of the North makes voyages from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska, as well as trips along the Columbia River. The ship is owned by the Majestic America Line.

Where to Find an Empress of the North Cruise Review

Reviews guide potential travelers to know what to expect. Just as movie critics give valuable information in their reviews to those considering a particular movie, a cruise review is a source of help. Of course, the expense of a cruise usually causes interested guests to do a large amount of reviewing before embarking on a seafaring adventure. Spending time gaining information about what others have to say about the cruise ship is key to ensuring an enjoyable vacation.

The following websites offer reviews written about the Empress of the North.

Favorable Reviews

There are many positive opinions about traveling aboard the Majestic America cruise line.

Aboard the Ship

For those wanting the coziness of a smaller ship, the Empress of the North is ideal: the boat carries only 235 passengers. The decor has been described like that found in a southern inn. Due to the ship's size, on the boat bound for Alaska, it has the ability to sail closer to the fjords and glaciers than a larger ship would. Wildlife, such as bears, eagles, and humpback whales, are better viewed up close. Passengers are thrilled to stand on the veranda and feel the spray of water from a humpback jumping along the sea's surface.

On the Columbia River voyages, the wildlife is also easily visible, causing passengers to marvel at how close they feel to nature.

The rooms are comfortable with queen or twin beds; most have balconies. The ship's overall appearance is sophisticated and elegant. Nightly entertainment is followed by dancing. Some travelers have said that the boat is like being in a bed and breakfast.



On the Alaskan cruise through the Inside Passage, which lasts 7 days, excursions include:

  • Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, Canada
  • White Pass Train in Skagway, Alaska
  • Catamaran to Glacier Bay National Park

The Columbia River cruise departs from Portland, Oregon, and includes the following excursions:

  • Jet ride through Hell's Canyon
  • Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
  • Maryhill Museum
  • Fort Walla Walla Museum
  • Whitmore Mission

Cons About the Empress of the North

The downside of the boat is that there is no swimming pool and fewer activity choices. There is no midnight buffet, casino, or movie theaters. The dining choices are also limited. One dining hall--The Romanov--serves all the meals. The Calliope Bar and Grill serves sweets, coffee, and snacks and is open 24 hours. During the breakfast hour this is the place to get bagels and omelets, and hot dogs and hamburgers are available at lunch. The Paddlewheel Lounge is the place to go for an evening cocktail.Some passengers are not comfortable with the large percentage of senior travelers on some cruises. Te Empress of the North appears popular for many couples celebrating fifty years of marriage.

Who Enjoys the Empress of the North?

Many passengers aboard the Empress of the North share the following characteristics:

  • Retirees, between the ages of 65 to 75 years-old
  • Educated
  • History buffs -- Lectures about Lewis and Clark and other explorers are part of the activities and there is an on board historian
  • Early risers. Breakfast is a 7 a.m., activities commence at 7:30
  • Friendly people willing to converse with strangers
  • Casual and comfortable dressers. There is no need for a formal gown or tuxedo
  • Those who would not want to set foot on a more festive or active boat
  • Those willing to pay a little more for the experience

Make Your Decision

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of a voyage on the Empress of the North, you can decide whether booking a trip on the ship is for you. If you do embark on this small and beautiful boat and it matches your interests, chances are you'll have an incredible cruise. After your vacation, you will be able to share your own Empress of the North cruise review so that others can read and learn from your experiences!

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Empress of the North Cruise Review