Dinner Harbor Cruises and Stamford

Stamford dinner harbor cruises can take you to the statue of liberty.

Dinner harbor cruises and Stamford go hand in hand. Cruising out of Stamford is a fabulous culinary experience consumed with scenic magnificence. Passengers enjoy a romantic and enchanted expedition into some of the most exquisite evening waterways on the surface of the planet. Enjoy the shimmering skyline of New York City and the mesmerizing lights that fill the sky with magic and illuminate the water with wonderful magnetism. There are many companies which provide dinner cruises aboard luxurious yachts that depart from Stamford regularly. Let's take a look at some of the most popular companies that offer dinner cruises from Stamford.

Maris Yacht Group

Maris Yacht Group offers sunset cruises and intimate dinner cruises from the Stamford harbor. If you've tried all the best restaurants in Stamford and are still looking for something extraordinary, Maris Yacht Group will treat you to an experience you will remember forever. The four star dinner is delicious and the ambiance is unparalleled. Two to six passengers will enjoy the dinner cruise and the intimate sunset. For more information call Maris Yacht Group at (866) 544 3027, or send them an email at sales@marisyachtgroup.com.

Maris Yacht Group
600 Hope St.
Stamford, CT 06907

Skyline Cruises

Skyline Cruises can provide unprecedented luxury aboard their spectacular 120 foot private yacht. Perfect for private parties and charters, Skyline Cruises is ideal for that special corporate event. Enjoy the fantastic backdrop of the shores of Connecticut. Experience the best place to throw a party, whether it be wedding or sweet sixteen. Enjoy a picturesque Long Island Sound cruise unlike any other. The impressive yacht is absolutely one of a kind. An elegant way to enjoy a special dinner in Stamford harbor, Skyline Cruises is truly top of the line. Large groups can be comfortably accommodated on this humongous luxury vessel. For more information contact Skyline Cruises by calling (203) 353-6171.

Fjords Catering and Charters

Fjords specializes in catering and dinner cruises, so you know that you'll be in good hands. Fjords offers twice a week dinner cruises aboard the stunning Cavah Sarita. For reservations and more information contact Fjords at (203) 622-4020.

Why Choose Dinner Harbor Cruises and Stamford?

You might be wondering why Stamford? The answer is simple. Stamford has a prime location that makes it possible to cruise to some of the most exceptional locations on the eastern seaboard. The evening dinner cruise provides a journey into the breathtaking scenic world of New York City and the Long Island Sound. The beauty is unprecedented and these places were truly designed for wonderful evening cruises. Dinner harbor cruises and Stamford are a one of a kind experience you will certainly never forget. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity of extraordinary beauty.
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Dinner Harbor Cruises and Stamford