Cruise Vacation Benefits

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Cruise vacation benefits include cost savings, safety, convenience, and fun. Cruise vacations are one of the most rapidly growing areas of tourism in the world. Though many people initially see a cruise as too exotic or expensive for a standard getaway, once they have investigated the opportunity they discover the many cruise vacation benefits.

Cost Benefits

One of the most tangible benefits of a cruise vacation is the nearly all-inclusive cost. Though shore tours and other amenities are not included in the initial fare, the price of a cruise does cover lodging, meals, and a wide variety of entertainment. If travelers were to purchase each of these items (of comparable quality) separately for a land-based vacation, the cost could easily be several hundred dollars greater. Most travel agencies offer payment plans for passengers booking well in advance, allowing even more financial convenience.

Cruise Vacation Benefits: Convenience

With no other vacation can travelers visit different countries with the convenience of only unpacking once. Furthermore, the ship is the mode of transportation, and unless passengers opt for rental cars or scooters in ports of call, they need never pick up a set of keys or navigate foreign traffic on a cruise. With a traditional vacation, travelers either must endure such trials or are limited to a relatively narrow area of dining and entertainment within walking distance of their hotel. Rather than fumbling with change, credit cards, and checks to pay for souvenirs, drinks, and other items onboard, passengers are able to use their cruise ID cards, eliminating the need to carry wallets or purses.

Want to work out on a vacation? No membership is required to visit a cruise ship's fitness center or join in one of the workout classes. Interested in gourmet dining? There are no lengthy waits for available tables at the dining room. Craving a late night snack? Visit the pizzeria or order room service without a hassle. Not sure what you'd like to do today? Read over the ship's daily newsletter for a schedule of activities without needing to browse dozens of brochures. These are only a sample of the convenience benefits offered by every cruise ship, eliminating many of the headaches of traditional land-based vacations.

Variety Benefits


No two people ever want to engage in the same activities, try the same foods, or visit the same attractions. On a cruise ship, there is an endless variety of amenities to suit every passenger. From intellectual lectures to corny games to elegant casinos, there are activities to match every interest. Diners can sample gourmet dishes or opt for classic, comfortable favorites. With most itineraries visiting different ports of call, different passengers may choose to enjoy completely different destinations. For passengers who aren't certain what they'd enjoy, cruise ships offer a safe and convenient environment for experimentation. Never sampled roast duck? Order it in the dining room, and if you don't like it, ask your server for a different dish. Want to know what if feels like to climb a rock wall? Every Royal Caribbean ship offers one on the sports deck for no extra cost. Not sure if that massage will be worth the extra charge? Visit the spa for a tour and ask for a sample first. On land, such experimentation comes at a high price: restaurants, gyms, and spas do not typically offer such trials without at least a minimal charge.

Cruise Vacation Benefits: Family Benefits

Cruise vacations are perfect for families. Extensive children's programs for different age groups guarantee that youngsters are supervised and entertained with appropriate activities, leaving parents free to enjoy different pursuits without paying for additional daycare. Like most hotel rooms, cruise cabins can accommodate multiple passengers (usually between two and five), and most cruise ships offer adjoining cabins for larger families. Children's menus are available in the main dining rooms, guaranteeing a meal free from picky eaters.

While many land-based resorts attempt to accommodate similar conveniences for families, the best benefit of a cruise vacation is the fact that it is a closed environment. If teens want to roam the decks after dark or visit a dance club, parents need not fear that their children will end up in an unsavory neighborhood or as victims of violent crimes. Children can explore the entire ship without fear of getting lost: even if they can't find their way back to the cabin, any crew member can easily assist them.

Safety Benefits

Cruise ships are inherently safe environments. Activities are closely supervised and monitored, especially sporting events such as climbing rock walls or using waterslides. Passengers are carefully tracked so no unauthorized individuals are permitted onboard. In case of an accident or sudden illness, each ship has a well-stocked infirmary, complete with resident doctor - a feature that few hotels or resorts offer. Available shore excursions are screened by the cruise line and only the most reputable tours are offered. Before visiting different ports of call, passengers can attend lectures and pick up tip sheets offering suggestions for safety and convenience. During a land-based vacation, travelers are responsible for their own safety arrangements, but a cruise vacation offers many built-in safety features to ease the minds of the most nervous passengers.

Cruise vacations are convenient, cost-effective, family-oriented, and intrinsically safe. With multiple activities, dining options, itineraries, and amenities to suit any passenger, no vacation will feel more individualized than a cruise. In fact, cruises are such successful vacations that according to Cruise Lines International Association, more than 80% of cruisers return for a second voyage - far higher than the percentage of people who choose to revisit a land-based resort or attraction. With such a success rate, cruise lines prove their benefits and continue to gain new passengers with each voyage.

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Cruise Vacation Benefits