Cruise 4 Free

Cruise 4 Free

The best way to cruise 4 free is to organize a group to go on a cruise. Most cruise lines and agents offer special group rates. Start by asking friends and relatives, and then go to acquaintances and co-workers. The other travelers will get a reduced group rate and you can cruise for free.

Organizing a Group Cruise

To organize your group cruise, begin by selecting one that you particularly want to take. Work from there to find out the details of any specials and packages available through the cruise line or travel agents. As a tour conductor, you will work with the travel agency to make all the travel and ship arrangements for the group.

Most of the major cruise lines (Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Holland America, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Princess) offer a group cruise package whereby if you get 16 people to occupy at least eight cabins, then the 16th person (the tour conductor or organizer) cruises for free. Even though the cruise is free, the tour conductor still has to pay taxes, port charges and transportation costs to the port of departure.

If you establish an ongoing relationship with a travel agent or cruise line, you may be able to work these deals consistently, so that all your cruise vacations are free - or even turn it into a full-time job. This is by no means the only way to cruise 4 free, however.

Other Ways to Cruise 4 Free

Additional avenues to explore include:

  • Collect points for frequent travel - This works just like frequent flyer points. You will be accumulating points with the airlines, so you may eventually be able to cruise 4 free with all the money you save. Most cruise packages are sold with an air travel package anyway, since most people are not lucky enough to live near a cruise port.
  • Combine discounts. You may have discounts from the cruise line, discounts from vendors, travel agents, airlines and restaurants. Trade with a friend to get more discounts and coupon books. When you put them all together, your cruise may be free or nearly free.
  • Travel writers and photographers sometimes get free cruises because they agree to write about the destination, the cruise or the businesses and entertainers on the cruise ship (or all of the above). If you have writing and photography skills, along with media credentials, consider this avenue. Contact the cruise line, or perhaps tourism / hospitality businesses at the destination port to see what you can work out. Advertise the fact that you are a writer, and that you are taking a cruise, along with the dates and location of the destination port in venues such as Media Kitty or Media Bistro. People in that area who are interested in having a journalist write about their company or service may contact you.
  • Contests and prizes - Enter these whenever you see an opportunity. Someone has to win a free cruise and it might as well be you.
  • Last minute deals - Just as in flying, you may be able to find a great deal that is free or nearly free if you wait until the last minute to book. Tremendous discounts are often offered to those who are willing to fill up empty space caused by buyers canceling their cruise. Last minute cruise auctions offer tremendous discounts.
  • Travel as a nanny, personal assistant or bodyguard. You should get room and board on the cruise for free as part of payment for your services.
  • Sign up as a performer with the cruise line. You will cruise for free, plus earn income as an entertainer.
  • Get a job on a cruise line. Along with your weekly paycheck, you get to take cruises to exotic ports free of charge! Room, board and food usually come complimentary with the position.
  • Take advantage of travel packages. These offer substantial discounts. If you can work your package in conjunction with one of the other ideas above, you may be able to travel free of charge.

As you see, there are many ways to take a free cruise. All it takes is an open mind and a little bit of effort to make it happen. Taking your dream cruise vacation will be well worth your time and trouble.

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Cruise 4 Free