Connecticut River Cruises

Connecticut River

Taking a Connecticut River cruise allows you to spend leisurely time on New England's longest river. The Connecticut flows all the way from the northern tip of New Hampshire to the Long Island Sound. This river forms the border between New Hampshire and Vermont and passes through the center of Massachusetts. Very little of the river is actually in the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut River Cruise Options

The Hartford Belle

This vessel, named for Connecticut's capital city, is a riverboat that holds only 49 passengers. It's relatively new and built to easily navigate the river. The day cruise on the Connecticut River operates in the months of May to October and features snacks and a full bar. You are free to sit anywhere you want to enjoy the views of wildlife you're likely to encounter, including herons, eagles and hawks. This relaxing cruise takes either 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the option you choose. Note that 30 minute cruises are only available on Thursdays in July and August. To find out more, call 860-665-9428

Lady Katherine Cruises

If you're looking for something a bit classy, you may want to consider a voyage on a Lady Katherine Cruise. The ship, called the Mystique, holds over 200 people and offers several different cruises on the Connecticut River.

  • Sunday brunch cruises are available from May to November. They have a buffet spread and live entertainment.
  • Lunch cruises, which take about two and a half hours, are a good way to get away from it all for a little while. You can even choose to take a "jazzy lunch" and listen to some smooth sounds while you munch away.
  • Fall foliage cruises are designed to enjoy the colors of changing leaves. Since foliage is a huge tourist attraction in New England, you probably want to book this one pretty early.
  • Sunset cruises take place in the evening. You get to listen to jazz as you watch the sky go through a spectacular series of colors and hues.

You can also charter a cruise for a group of 30 plus. Call 866-86-RIVER to find out more. You can book a cruise through Lady Katherine by going to its website.

A Short Journey

In the scheme of things, the Connecticut River, although long by New England standards, is still a fairly short waterway. This is why you don't see too many Connecticut River cruises that run overnight or over the course of several days. If you'd like to take a lengthy trip, you may want to combine several of the daytime or nighttime cruises so you can spend most of your journey on the water. Other ways to enjoy the river include tubing, kayaking or simply walking along its banks. Just be sure not to come in the wintertime. You'll barely be able to see it for the snow.

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Connecticut River Cruises