Cheap Island Cruises

Cruise for Less

Many options exist for travelers searching for cheap island cruises, including going to a tropical paradise like the Bahamas.

Head To Bermuda

Bermuda is another beautiful island to visit on a luxury vessel. You can often get good rates on three-day cruises leaving from New York or Baltimore to Bermuda.

Visit the Virgin Islands

The stunning Virgin Islands are also relatively affordable to sail to. You can find some great deals on all-inclusive vacation packages that feature a visit to St. Thomas.

Check Out the Galapagos

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, consider a cruise around the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. You may even encounter a sea lion, an albatross or the famed blue-footed booby. There are lots of last-minute cruise discounts available online.

Visit Europe in the Off Season

If you'd like to tour the Greek Isles, try to find a cruise during the winter or early spring. You'll avoid some of the crowds and the weather is still temperate. Also, cruise operators have a harder time filling their boats during the off season, which can inspire reduced rates.

More Cheap Island Cruises

If you have a very strict budget, you can't get much cheaper than taking a ferry on a lake. For example, you can visit Makinac Island, a gorgeous getaway on Lake Huron, for a very affordable price.

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Cheap Island Cruises