Cheap Canada Cruises

Oh Canada!

Canada is a beautiful country, with many coastal cities easy to visit by ship. If you're looking for cheap Canada cruises, start by traveling to a city like Montreal by car or train instead of sailing there from the United States.

Finding Cheap Canada Cruises

The cheapest Canada cruises are ones that aren't marketed to tourists. For example, you can take the auto ferry across the St. Lawrence River and get a great view of Quebec City at the same time.

Check Out Niagara Falls

Also, consider short cruises that last about an hour or so. One notable short sailing is the "Maid of the Mist," which takes you under breathtaking Niagara Falls. You can also catch this cruise in New York.

Cruise Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario has numerous sightseeing trips. You can catch one in Toronto and see the Southeastern corner of this beautiful country from the water.

Head North to Lake Muskoka

Another good lake for cruising is Lake Muskoka. It's also in Ontario, but it's farther north and has more rural surroundings. You can even board a steamboat for an unforgettable voyage.

Save Money in the Off Season

If you really want the oceanliner experience for your Canada cruise, you're better off visiting in the spring or fall. Doing so will allow you to avoid summer crowds and the frigid weather. You will also get to view the colorful fall foliage.

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Cheap Canada Cruises