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Located in the state of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee River is about 100 miles long, stretching from Fond du Lac County to Lake Michigan. Once the center of the city's industry, the river has seen a boom in the housing… Keep reading »

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Relax on a river boat cruise.
Relax on a river boat cruise.

Travelers not ready to hit the high seas on a traditional sailing, might consider taking a river boat cruise. The unique itineraries offered by river boat companies provide a taste of the cruising experience on a smaller scale.

About River Boat Cruises

More than a million people a year take river cruises, making them the fastest-growing area of the cruising industry. The intimate sailings are the perfect ticket to exotic destinations that are not accessible to massive oceanliners. Smaller river vessels provide the opportunity to explore far-flung rivers in Europe, China, Africa and Costa Rica.

River boat cruises are also popular in the United States. The Mississippi, Ohio and Hudson River are prime cruise destinations, especially for travelers who enjoy learning about historic waterways. These abbreviated trips are long enough for cruisers to experience life on a floating oasis, but don't require spending a ton of time or money for the privilege.

Benefits of River Cruises

There are a host of benefits to taking a river boat cruise. For starters, river cruises don't feature the same rigid formality found on standard oceanliners. Rather, a typical river sailing includes a sense of quiet intimacy. Ships are smaller and built for comfort. In addition, virtually all of the cabins on a river vessel have views. There are generally no interior cabins as on sea cruises. What's more, most river cruises don't feature the sometimes-dubious entertainment trappings of bigger sea-going ships, such as bingo, casinos, discos and loud music.

River cruises aim to provide peace and tranquility on a boat that moves at a slow, steady speed. The smooth ride alleviates concerns about seasickness. In addition, most river boats dock for the night, allowing passengers to sleep without the hum of engines. Finally, unlike sea cruising, there is always something to see while navigating the world's most popular rivers. The scenery constantly changes as the vessel sails from different towns and cities, allowing pasengers a true feel of what it's like to see the world.

River Boat Cruise