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Cruise Lines

All cruise lines inspire images of decadent luxury: gourmet dining, luxurious spas, sophisticated décor, and elegant formal attire. In reality, however, each cruise line has a distinctive personality. Passengers should research about cruise lines before reserving their cruise. Comparing different characteristics about cruise lines helps passengers choose the best line to suit their personality, budget, and interests.

How are Cruise Lines Different?

Carnival Cruise Line, for example, is best known for an all-around party atmosphere: hence their self-proclaimed nickname, the ''Fun Ships.'' Royal Caribbean, while no less energetic, focuses on unique sporting activities at sea such as rock climbing walls, ice skating, and miniature golf. Disney Cruise Line naturally embraces their own brand of fantasy, while Celebrity Cruises bring individual fantasies to life with celebrity treatment.

As passengers learn about cruise lines, they discover that mainstream lines such as Carnival, Princess, and Norwegian are a more general market, suitable for first-time cruisers and experienced passengers alike. Upscale luxury lines such as Holland America and Cunard offer a more sophisticated, elegant approach to cruising, reminiscent of the golden age of ocean travel.

Along with differences in onboard activities, different cruise lines have different dining options, shore tours, children's programs, and romantic options for honeymooners and other couples. While there may be similarities, after studying about cruise lines passengers will realize that each little difference adds up to a remarkably unique experience.

Itinerary Variations

Another way to learn about cruise lines is to study their itineraries. While most major cruise lines offer a variety of Caribbean options, more selective voyages may be dominated by particular cruise lines. For example, Holland America offers a much wider range of Alaskan Cruises than other lines, while Norwegian has the greatest variety of Hawaiian voyages. Another variation in cruise lines' itineraries is their visits to private islands, which larger lines incorporate at every possible opportunity while smaller lines may not have access to such exclusive destinations.

How to Learn About Cruise Lines

The best way to learn about cruise lines is to study and compare different characteristics, including dining, entertainment, ship size, cabin selection, destinations, activities, and other amenities. Consulting a travel agent is a fine beginning, and they can often provide comprehensive brochures and promotional materials for all major cruise lines. Cruise lines' websites also offer a wealth of information, including sample shore excursions, virtual tours, and the latest industry news. Most cruise lines offer toll-free information hotlines for both booked passengers and curious investigators as well.


All cruise lines are different and each one offers a unique experience for the ultimate vacation. Savvy passengers will research about cruise lines prior to sailing in order to determine which cruise lines best match their budget, interests, and vacation expectations, thereby guaranteeing an unforgettable getaway.

Cruise Lines