Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii

Cruise ship near Honolulu
Hawaiian Cruises an excellent way to see the islands.

The best time to cruise to Hawaii really depends on what you're looking for.

Cruising to Hawaii

Any season is a good time to visit the "Aloha State."


When you say winter in Hawaii, it is really a misnomer. While the northern United States may be blanketed in snow, the temperature in Hawaii remains a balmy 80 degrees. The seas can be a little rough during December, January and February, especially if your cruise begins in California. However, the lack of crowds and the respite from the weather back home can more than make up for this inconvenience.

Winter is also a good time to score cruise deals. Just avoid the week between Christmas and New Year's, when many people go on vacation. The holiday season is also when tourist spots in Hawaii raise their rates. Keep this in mind when booking shore excursions.


If you visit Hawaii during the springtime, you're more likely to experience crowds on your ship, but you also have a better chance of spotting a whale during your voyage. During March and April, humpbacks travel south from Alaska to give birth in the warm Hawaiian waters.You can also enjoy Lei Day celebrations, which occur on May first. This day features festivals on every island, which celebrate the native culture, and of course, you can get your own flower lei to commemorate your trip. If you are booking a spring cruise you may want to avoid the weeks when colleges are on break, unless you are a big time partier.


Summer is the high season in Hawaii, which means the state is packed with tourists. In addition, it can get pretty hot in Hawaii during July and August. However, if you have kids in school or a job that allows you to take the summer off, June, July and August, are great months to cruise to Hawaii. Also, keep in mind that although the air temperatures are warm, the Pacific Ocean is a great place to cool off.


During autumn, Hawaii gets a lot of rain, but the rain is often localized to certain areas of the state. It's not like other tropical islands that have massive storms and monsoon winds on a regular basis. Many consider fall to be the best time to cruise to Hawaii because summer crowds are starting to die down and prices are reasonable. You won't get the same rock-bottom prices found during the winter months, but you will enjoy a calmer sea.

Determining the Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii

Now that you know a bit more about the state, it's up to you to decide when the best time to cruise to Hawaii is for you. There are plenty of cruise lines that will take you there, including Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian and Carnival.

You can find cheaper and shorter cruises if you fly to Hawaii to begin your cruise. Also, if you decide to visit during the off season, you may be able to take advantage of package deals on airfare.

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Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii