Bermuda Party Cruise

Have fun on a catamaran party cruise.

A Bermuda party cruise is a great way to enjoy the laid-back island style of this exotic cruise destination, and with many different boating options available, everyone can find a way to enjoy the water.

Boats and Bermuda

As a tropical nation comprised of more than 150 small islands, it is no surprise that cruises, boating, and water sports are vital to the tourist economy of Bermuda. Because the country upholds such strict environmental and social codes, the surrounding bays, reefs, lagoons, and beaches are pristine and stunning, making them perfect for a memorable getaway. Though the nation is tiny, there are many options for fun party cruises around Bermuda.

Ideas for a Bermuda Party Cruise

When most people think of a Bermuda cruise, they immediately picture a luxury cruise ship docking to allow passengers a few hours of shopping or sightseeing before setting sail for another port of call. There are actually many other watery options for fun in Bermuda, however, and party cruises are a great way to get away from land and enjoy the carefree Bermuda lifestyle for an afternoon, evening, or anytime the tide and the mood is right.

Popular party cruises include:

  • Catamaran sailings for water sports, fishing, or socializing
  • Luxury yacht cruises for dinner cruises, formal events, wedding receptions, or other special occasions
  • Dining cruises for sunset dinners, brunches, or cocktails
  • Guided sightseeing cruises exploring the country's culture and history from the water
  • Evening lights cruises that include dinner or cocktails and a stunning view of the city and stars
  • Glass bottom boat ecological tours
  • Privately chartered cruises for any type of event passengers can imagine

What to Expect During the Cruise

While there are many different varieties of Bermuda party cruises and each one has a distinctive atmosphere, they do offer similar luxuries and amenities for passengers to enjoy. Depending on the type of cruise, the expected dress code may vary from swimsuits and the aptly-named Bermuda shorts to tuxedos and evening gowns. Departure times also vary from early morning sightseeing cruises and brunch sailings to afternoon party boats to romantic sunset voyages. Most party cruises last three to four hours and may include stops at different locations as well.


Once on board the vessel, passengers may enjoy a range of different activities, such as:

  • Guided explanations of various sights on the sailing route
  • Live band music, particularly steel drum or calypso musicians
  • Stops for snorkeling, kayaking, diving, or other water sports
  • Colorful uniforms and costumes for staff members, musicians, and dancers
  • Limbo or karaoke contests and other interactive entertainment
  • Refreshments with island flair, such as rum swizzles, tropical barbeques, and jerked meats or gourmet meals on formal or dinner cruises
  • Stops at other docks for shopping or to visit popular attractions
  • A possible visit to a private island or other secluded location for more festivities

The most popular departure point for these cruises is the dock complex in Hamilton, the island's capital, making it convenient for visitors from cruise ships or guests at the many fine hotels in the city. Prices for the different voyages vary based on length, amenities, the size of the group, and whether or not the ship is a charter vessel or a regular sailing.

Arranging a Cruise

Cruise ship passengers can enjoy a Bermuda party cruise by option for one as a shore excursion while they are in port, or anyone - including ship passengers who want a more unique experience - can arrange for their own aquatic getaway. Dozens of vessel operators are licensed in Bermuda, and each one offers different package rates, options, and amenities. More information can be found from these popular companies:

  • Jessie James Cruises: Glass bottom boat and snorkeling tours.
  • Fantasea: Catamaran sailings, eco tours, glass bottom boats and charters.
  • Lady Boats Charters: Cocktail parties, special events, dinner cruises, sightseeing tours, and more.

A Bermuda party cruise is a great way to enjoy the carefree island life of this tropical paradise. From adventurous sailings for snorkeling and diving to cocktail hours on the water to elegant evening repasts sailing along the shore, there is a cruise option for any type of party passengers desire in Bermuda..

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