Bahamas Shore Excursion Options

Take an excursion around Paradise Island.

A Bahamas shore excursion is a fascinating way to spend a day on the islands. Children and adults can enjoy many different adventures together. You make book your shore excursion with your travel agent at the same time you make your cruise reservations, or you can usually book an excursion once you have boarded the ship.

Freeport Shore Excursions

The city of Freeport is just 100 miles off the coast of South Florida and often the port of entry for cruise lines. Freeport is filled with much to see and do.

  • Double Decker Catamaran - Ride a double-decker catamaran out into the crystal blue sea. The ride on this comfortable vessel will take you to see wildlife and reefs along the coast. The cost is $58 per person and the trip takes about 3.5 hours.
  • Dive to Ben's Cavern - Dive in 50-foot water in an area discovered by Ben Rose 30 years ago. Swim through large stalactites. This is only for certified divers. You will need to allow 4.5 hours. The cost is $184, not including your wet suit and equipment rental.
  • Introduction to Scuba Diving - For those who want to learn how to dive, lessons are given in 3.5 hours for $156. You will dive in 30 to 40-foot clear water off the shores of Freeport. All equipment is included.

Nassau Shore Excursions

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and a popular cruise port. While you spend time in this exciting city, consider one of these excursions.

  • Paradise Island Tour - For those who want to stay dry, there is the historic Bay Street tour along the shopping district. You will enjoy lovely views of the island as well as Fort Charlotte and Fort Fincastle. The cost is $23 per person.
  • The Graycliff Experience - For $81 you can tour Graycliff, the elegant hotel. The tour includes the wine cellar with some vintage wines that cost $5,000 a bottle. Enjoy lunch and a drink afterwards. A tobacco factory is on the premises where you can enjoy a cigar on the spacious patio. Allow about three hours to spend at this upscale hotel.
  • Swim with the Dolphins - $175 and three hours are all you need to venture from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon where the dolphins await to swim with you. Feed them, kiss them, and enjoy these playful creatures. This could be the highlight of your Bahamas shore excursion!
  • Fishing Charter - Spend half a day on a charter boat fishing in the waters around Nassau. There are boats for four to eight people, the costs being $586 for a 35-foot Allman sport fisher and $816 for a 48-foot Chris Craft. You can choose between shark, bottom, light tackle, or deep sea fishing.
  • Bike Tour - Put aside $77 and four hours time to bike along the island. Depart from Coral Harbor on a bike and with a guide, travel ten miles along wooded trails, along the seashore, and near mangrove creeks.
  • Scuba Dive for Certified Divers - If you have your diving license, dive among natural coral walls. The cost is $87 and the excursion takes 5.5 hours.
  • Golfing - Spend five hours golfing on the beautiful lush fairways in Nassau. The cost depends on the season; $181 from November to April per person, and from May until October the cost is $123.

Excursion to a Private Island

For those wanting something off the beaten track, consider taking a vessel to Great Stirrup Cay. This island is located 50 miles from Nassau and has the famous Straw Market, a great place to shop for bargains. You can also swim, snorkel, paddle in boats, and ride catamarans and rafts. You can even take a spin around the island's coast on a sailboat or kayak.

Enjoy Your Bahamas Shore Excursion

Hopefully, you will have time for a Bahamas shore excursion with plenty of pleasant memories to last a lifetime. Be sure to bring your camera and your adventurous spirit to discover all that the Bahamas has to offer.

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Bahamas Shore Excursion Options