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An Australia Christmas cruise offers a welcome reprieve from the cold North American weather. Most of these cruises, which take place throughout the month of December, are festive, joyous and fun-filled.

About an Australia Christmas Cruise

A cruise of Australia during the Christmas holiday is not advertised as such. Due to some companies not wishing to discourage guests of other faiths, many cruise lines have done away with labeling these voyages as "Christmas cruises." However, you will find most ships that sail during the month of December offer seasonal décor and festivities fitting the holiday season.

Each cruise company differs in what they offer guests on Christmas voyages. However, some feature Australian Christmas themes in their decor while others offer holiday-theme entertainment, including festive musical performances, formal nights, kids activities, and visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Other Australia Christmas cruise amenities include:

  • Entertainment based on a variety of seasonal traditions
  • Festive meals with traditional Christmas dishes
  • Special family-oriented celebration
  • Religious services, including midnight Mass

Each cruise line offers something unique during its Christmas Australia cruises. If you are planning to sail during the holidays, it's a good idea to contact the cruise line directly to inquire about specific holiday events. Travel agents can also offer additional cruise details.

Cruising to Australia

Australian cruise travel is most common from October through March, since the winter season is reverse in the Southern hemisphere. You are unlikely to find snow on Christmas Australia cruises, but you will see other spectacular sights.

The following are some of the cruise lines that make trips to Australia or from Australia during the month of December, as of 2010:

Holland America Line

Holland America takes passengers to Australia's most popular ports. These cruises, which can last from 14 to 70 days, sail to Australia, New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific. The longest cruise departs from British Columbia, Canada or from Seattle, Washington. Another option leaves from Sydney, Australia, and returns 14 days later. Ports of call include Milford Sound, Wellington, Auckland, Bay of Islands and Eden.

Princess Cruises

Another of the popular options in cruise travel to Australia is Princess Cruises. These voyages from 12 days to a full month. The company's Christmas cruises leave at the beginning of December or midway through the month and sail to exotic ports, such as Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. One of the most popular trips allows passengers to cruise for 12 days from Sydney with stops in Hobart, Melbourne, Christchurch and Fiorland National Park in New Zealand before returning to Auckland. These Christmas cruises feature holiday themed entertainment and festivities, but are also appropriate for those who are not interested in celebrating the season.

Celebrity Cruises

A third option for traveling to Australia by ship is Celebrity Cruises. The company offers 12-night voyages, which leave from Sydney and end in Auckland. Most Christmas cruises stop in Australia and New Zealand, plus numerous ports of call including:

  • Hobart
  • Tasmania
  • Dusky Sound
  • Napier
  • Bay of Islands
  • Wellington

Longer cruises, up to 18 days are also available.

Cruise Tips

If you prefer spending the holiday on a shorter and more intimate sailing, then consider smaller cruise lines. Also, flying to Australia rather than sailing from the United States will save you a significant amount of money while also reducing your travel time.

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