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Amadeus river cruises can help you explore Europe in one of the best ways, by river boat. You can see everything from quaint villages to historic castles thanks to Amadeus Waterways, which is now known as AMAWaterways.

About Amadeus River Cruises

Amadeus river cruises offers passengers a chance to learn about life in many of Europe and Asia's most historic cities and villages. The river boats offered by this cruise line are among the best in the industry. Other perks include:

  • The company's fleet of river cruise vessels is extremely well taken care of
  • The company accommodates a variety of budgets
  • There is open seating in elegant surroundings available throughout the ship
  • Entertainment ranges from dancing and fine dining to folklore performances and lectures. There are also various theme dinners
  • Exciting and informative shore excursions
  • All information and communication is done in English
  • There is a masseuse and beauty salon on board the company's ships
  • Gourmet meals are served on board with a focus on local foods and ingredients

Amadeus River Cruises Options

When you visit, the website of the Amadeus Waterways cruise line, you can check out the various river cruises the line offers. The company offers European river cruises in the Danube, Main, Rhine and Mosel Rivers. The company also boasts that it is the fastest growing river cruise line in the area.

The company offers three main cruise destinations to select from: European cruises, Russian cruises and The Mekong River cruises. Each sailing has unique features:

The European Cruise: This cruise will take you through famous rivers including the Rhine and Danube rivers. You will be able to stop and explore various castles and cathedrals along the river. Shore excursions to various small villages along the river coast are also available. In addition, these river cruises give you historic information about the areas you will visit while giving you plenty of time to do your own sightseeing.

The Russian Cruise: The Russian river cruise takes you through the heart of the country, on various historic waterways. You will stop at Moscow, and then cruise farther north to visit what is known as the Golden Ring of cities including Uglich, Kostroma and Yaroslavl. The cruise takes you along the Volga and Baltic waterways through Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga until you arrive in St. Petersburg.

The Mekong River Cruise: Another option by Amadeus Waterways takes you through the winding Mekong River from the Tibetan plateaus of the Yunnan Province in China. While there you will explore various rainforest areas, rice fields and open plains. You will visit five Asian countries before arriving in the South China Sea. During your trip, you will tour temples, historic and culturally important areas, remnants of ancient empires and much more.

Tips for Booking a Cruise

If you are considering booking a trip with Amadeus Waterways, look for money-saving specials available. You can book through travel agents or directly through the company via the website. There are options available for those who are planning a large group event and those who need air service to and from the port of call.

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