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The name cruise ship quad family cabin can be confusing for some. While it may sound like it is a cabin that has four rooms, it is really just a cabin with a single room, not counting the bathroom, that sleeps four people fairly comfortably. This makes it perfect for the average American family of two adults and two children. In most cases, a quad cabin will have either a sofa bed, a bed that pulls down from the wall, or both, in addition to traditional beds. For those who need to sleep more than four people, a family suite should be requested.

Lines that Offer Cruise Ship Quad Family Cabins

Not all cruise ships have quad cabins, especially when you look at ships with more limited accommodations, such as riverboats. However, it is pretty easy to find them on major ocean liners. The cruise lines, Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Disney, Holland America, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean all offer them. However, there are not as many of these rooms as there are traditional double occupancy cabins.

Booking a Quad Cabin

The easiest way to determine if a ship has quad cabins is to look online or in the cruise line's printed cruise catalog. Major cruise lines have detailed deck plans with icons that tell you what type of sleeping arrangements are available in each room. For example, on the Carnival Victory ship, there are four different kinds of quad cabins available:

  • Two twin beds and two upper berths
  • Two twin beds and a double pull out sofa
  • Two twin beds, one upper berth and a single pull out sofa
  • One queen bed, a single pull out sofa and an upper berth

In most cases, you will be able to see a photograph of a similar room, if not the exact room, so you can determine if the arrangements are something your family can live in for the length of your vacation.

Drawbacks of Quad Cabins

If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in your cabin, it's likely you will find your cruise ship quad family cabin to be a bit cramped. It can also be inconvenient to have four people share one small bathroom. The great thing about being on a cruise ship, though, is that there is always another bathroom just down the hallway or up a few stairs. If you have older children, consider whether or not they may resent the lack of privacy these accommodations bring with them. If that is the case, you may find it preferable to get two adjoining double staterooms instead.

Advantages of Quad Cabins

Getting a quad family cabin is a quite economical choice, whether it's for your family or just for a group of friends. While it's likely you'll have to pay extra to add additional people, it should still end up being less expensive per person than if you were traveling with a smaller group. Since the point of a cruise is to enjoy the ship and the excursions available in port for most, it may be worth it to sacrifice a little bit of comfort just for the cost savings involved. And it never hurts to have a little extra family bonding, especially in paradise.

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