Amazon Riverboat Cruises

Boat on the Amazon River

What better way is there to explore South America than on an Amazon riverboat cruise? The Amazon River is the largest in the world. While the largest portion of it is in Brazil, it also touches several other countries, all of which can be explored by ship. The hardest part of planning your Amazon riverboat cruise will probably be deciding which cruise provider to go with. There are several to choose from.

Providers Offering Amazon Riverboat Cruises

Amazon Voyagers

This travel agency, which works with a select group of South American tour operators, offers several cruises for you to choose from. These include the following:

  • Bolivia Amazon Cruise - This four-day cruise excursion takes place in sections of the rainforest located on the border between Brazil and Bolivia. In addition to spending time on the ship, vacationers have the opportunity to go on hikes, horseback rides and motorized launch excursions. It is a great cruise for seeing the local wildlife and plants. It takes place aboard the Reina de Enin Riverboat.
  • Brazil Amazon Cruise - Good for history lovers, this cruise begins in Manaus, which was the capital of Amazonas. It stops in several spots in the jungle, giving cruisers the opportunity to board smaller boats to see densely vegetated spots and exotic animals. You can choose from several cruise lengths and several different ships.
  • Ecuador Cruise - This cruise takes travelers on the Manatee Amazon Explorer, which visits both the Amazon and Napo Rivers in the Napo Basin. Passengers will get to see both Yasuni National Park and the Limoncocha Wildlife Reserve, along with forest and swamps habituated by large native mammals. This cruise is five days long.
  • Peru Cruise - Those choosing to cruise in Peru can choose their own adventure. They can decide to go south into Brazil or north into the Pacaya Samiria reserve. Several riverboats and itineraries are available. The typical cruise length is seven days.

To find out more about these cruises, call 1-866-725-3255. Cruises are all inclusive, and boats are air conditioned.

Exploration, Inc.

This Florida based agency specializes in adventure tours and ecotourism. Its Amazon riverboat cruise begins in Iquitos, Peru and travels over 300 miles south to Tres Fronteras, which is the meeting place of Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Shore excursions include jungle walks, visits to indigenous villages and trips to backwater lakes where piranhas can be found. A complete eight day itinerary is planned, so there will never be a dull moment.

The ship has only 18 cabins, making for an intimate cruise. Buffet meals are available three times a day, along with a bar stocked with cold beverages. The entire ship is air conditioned.

Other itineraries are sometimes available. Call 1-(800)-446-9660 to find out more information.

Green Tracks

Specializing in ecotourism, as a company started by biologists, this organization offers two Amazon cruises perfect for the nature lover. Both are aboard the Delfin II, which holds 28 passengers and is designed for elegance. These cruises travel to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, a 10,800 square mile protected area in Peru. You can choose a four-day or five-day cruise. To find out more, call 800-892-1035. The company is based in Colorado.

Choosing a Cruise

It's smart to talk to more than one provider to find the perfect itinerary for you, and to find a trip within your desired price range. Also, be sure to call to get the most up-to-date details on what is offered.

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Amazon Riverboat Cruises