Silversea Cruises

For the ultimate in luxury and intimacy at sea, there is no better choice than Silversea Cruises. With a dignified ambiance suitable for the most discriminating passengers, these cruises are an experience of a lifetime.

The Silversea Cruises Fleet

Silversea Cruises was founded in 1994 and immediately became one of the most respected ultraluxury cruise lines. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the line prides itself on distinction in every detail.


With just four ships, the Silversea fleet is intimate but extravagant without being gaudy or overdone. The ships can accommodate between 295 and 380 passengers, giving them a comfortable, personable feel without passengers becoming lost in the thousands of travelers found aboard mainstream cruise lines. The Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper are all-suite ships, providing the very best in cabin accommodations. Cabins are spacious and open, despite the small ships, and public areas range from cozy to spacious as well.

Departure Ports

Despite the small number of Silversea ships, they depart from a wide range of different ports, including Miami, FL; San Juan Puerto Rico; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; New York, NY; Boston, MA; and more. The ships frequently change departure ports to offer new and interesting cruise travel variations to their dedicated travelers, and it is best to check with a cruise travel agent for current options.


Like other luxury lines, Silversea maintains a warm and inviting décor, choosing rich blues, golds, and peach shades without elaborate patterns or prints. Each ship houses an impressive Italian art collection, featuring new and innovative artists as well as classic pieces. One of the most elegant spots on each vessel is the Observation Lounge, where floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning views and the radar screen and astronomical maps give passengers a glimpse of navigation.


To serve the varied interests of an exclusive clientele, Silversea Cruises offers a wide range of itineraries on their 9-15 night cruises (most are 10-14 nights). Eastern and southern Caribbean cruises are popular, as are Alaskan Cruises and Panama Canal voyages. Central American itineraries include such exotic ports of call as Curacao, and during autumn the line offers Canada / New England cruises.

Onboard Activities

As with most high-end cruise lines, there are few rowdy activities onboard Silversea ships. Wine-tasting seminars and enrichment lectures are popular daytime diversions, as well as language and computer classes. Throughout the year there are a number of themed cruises available that offer coordinated activities. Golf cruises are particularly popular.


Dining is an elegant event with Silversea. Tables are set with fine silver and china, and the gourmet cuisine is among the best at sea. Two alternative restaurants are available aboard each ship, and the menus are primarily Italian and European fare, though casual options are available for a respite from exotic dishes. Elaborate room service includes delicacies such as caviar and jumbo shrimp, and once per cruise the chefs present a galley brunch with over 100 delectable dishes. Each restaurant offers open seating and is equipped with many tables for two, and a live trio plays soothing music to invite dancers to take to the dance floor.


Silversea ships are equipped with two-story show lounges, but the productions are typically less elaborate than those aboard larger vessels. Other entertainment options include a fashionable nightclub, in-cabin movies, and assorted musical performances. In general, the evening entertainment is subdued and calm, with cocktails and conversation being preferred pursuits.

Spas and Fitness

Because of the ships' small size, they cannot offer extensive fitness facilities, though aerobics rooms and a limited supply of exercise machines are available. The pool and hot tubs are great for exercise or relaxation, and the Asian-inspired spa offers a range of decadent treatments in a peaceful atmosphere. Spa treatments can be booked online before sailing to avoid long lines while making appointments.


Each Silversea ship is equipped with a small casino offering a variety of games of chance, as well as an adjacent card room for less formal wagers.


In addition to an exquisite experience, Silversea Cruises offers a truly all-inclusive vacation: gratuities, soft drinks, wine, and spirits are all included in the cruise fare. For an additional fee, passengers can choose more flexible embarkation and debarkation times to suit their travel needs. No small detail is overlooked for the ultimate in luxury, including the Godiva chocolates on suite pillows each evening.

Cons About Silversea Cruises

While Silversea is undeniably a delightful cruise line, it does have drawbacks. There are no structured children's programs, making family travel unlikely for this line. The small number of ships coupled with a wide range of itineraries decreases passenger flexibility, though most Silversea passengers can easily adjust their schedules to suit the itinerary they're interested in.

Silversea Cruises is a high-end, ultra-luxury cruise line offering an incomparable experience to its distinguished passengers. From rich décor to gourmet meals to intellectual entertainment, the line offers exquisite voyages for exquisite travelers.

Silversea Cruises