Types of Cruises

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There are Dozens of Types of Cruises

Cruises come in a wide range of possibilities designed to meet a variety of interests or special needs. Whether travelers are looking for a family-related cruise like Disney Cruises; adventure cruises, or something like those offered on Lindblad Cruises that travel to places such as the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica; or perhaps a theme cruises such as a match making cruises or singles cruises. Other options zero in on interests such as a cruise aimed at lovers of Big Band music. The truth is, if travelers can't find a cruise to match their interests, they are just not trying hard enough.

Theme Cruises

Some cruises start with a single theme, such as wine tasting cruises and golf cruises. Others center around a single destination, such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Alaska, Galapagos cruises and river cruises. The choices are almost limitless.

Starting Life Together on a Cruise

Some of the most popular types of cruises are honeymoon cruises and wedding cruises. The carefree, pampered nature of a cruise is a perfect reward after the hectic pace of planning a wedding. Plus, what's more romantic than being at sea, with a new port awaiting each day?

Cruises are also a novel and romantic place to have a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal ceremony. Many ships, especially the newer ones, even have luxurious wedding chapels right onboard.

Cruises for Special Interest Groups

Traveling with like-minded vacationers helps enhance the cruise experience. So goes the mind-set behind the proliferation of special interest cruises. There are gay cruises, cooking cruises, sports cruises, and cruises with a host of special guest speakers and celebrities, from Jacques Pepin to Michael Jordan.

Types of Cruises